The Couples Vibrator

The Couples Vibrator
The Couples Vibrator The Couples Vibrator The Couples Vibrator

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This couples vibrator is a revolutionary erotic toy specially designed for making love, without the toy having to be worn or inserted by the woman, and can easily be placed or removed during sexual intercourse.

The fingers slide easily between the man and the woman, giving both massage to clitoris and to the erogenous area of the woman, but also stimulates the man at the same time.

Each of the two fingers contains a 6 speed vibrating engine, that gives a very pleasant feeling with foreplay or while having intercourse.

The third 6 speed centre vibrating engine stimulates the clitoris and will even make the penis vibrate for an extra sensational feeling.

With The Couples Vibrator it is possible to experience many different thrills. Using this toy produces a sensation incomparable to any sensation you have ever experienced before.

The outer shell of this vibrator consists of 100 medical silicone, is very flexible and its unique shape makes it easy to move the toy back and forth between man and woman.

Size: 9.5 Inches
Color: Purple
Flexibility: Very
Controller: Built In
Diameter: 1.5 Inches
Designed for: Men and Women
Brand: Various Toy Brands

Price:  £52.45