Hello Touch Jimmy Jane

Hello Touch Jimmy Jane
Hello Touch Jimmy Jane Hello Touch Jimmy Jane

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hello touch offers more than three times the power of the most common fingertip vibrators while taking up less than one third the volume. Unlike other fingertip vibrators, they are perfect for internal or external stimulation, and wont get in the way of your pleasure. Wear the vibrators on the index finger and forefinger to stroke and explore, or on the thumb and forefinger to grasp and squeeze. Position the Vibration Pods on the front of the fingers for direct contact, or on the back to expose the fingertips for increased tactile feedback. Try them midway down the fingers, or perhaps both on a single finger explore freely to find what you like best. Great for couples Waterproof and Washable Phthalate Free,

Color: White
Flexibility: Very
Controller: Wired
Designed for: Men and Women
Brand: JimmyJane

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