Oxballs Large Silicone Fuckplug

Oxballs Large Silicone Fuckplug
Oxballs Large Silicone Fuckplug Oxballs Large Silicone Fuckplug

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Hole play is a blast, we love buttplugs, dildos, fingering, fisting and fucking, opening a hole, stretching it wide with with tons sloppy lube is our idea of good dirty fun, BUTT HOLE opens you up for all sorts of hole exploring.

The ridges on this thing keeps it in your hole til you want it out, and its got a ergo bend to it so it's shapes to fit inside you, angles up inside your gut or slopes down if holes BENT that way

Grease it up, works with any lube, smear it inside and out with your favorite buttlube, put your fingers inside the tunnel and work it in, you are gonna feel every ridge slide past your pucker, your hole will grip on every ripple feel stretched and full, but you cant push it out and unlike many fuckplugs you don't have to hold it in in place to use it, we designed this plug for real hole play.

The walls of this plug are thin enough you're feel a guys fingers probing around, or get a buddy to shove his meat in BUTT HOLE we lined it with little nubs and bumps for a good rough ride. 

Fucking a BUTT HOLE feels amazing for you and the dickits a tight silicone fuckhole for his pumping meat, fleshy and slick, and your hole is gapes open with every thrust, stretching the silicone lining your hole, you don't feel the friction of the fuck, just the rubbery stretch and pull on your pucker.

At OXBALLS we only make fuckplugs from silicone, no other material feels this good and lasts for hundreds of uses, silicone will not stain, wont get dull, it cleans easily and completelyyou can even sterilize it so you can share your BUTT HOLE.

The original PIG HOLE is one of our most popular toys, its been used for hole stretching, piss play, fucking, opening a FF hole to fill with jlube, use with funnels for sewer pigs, name it, this fuckplug does all that AND it stays in you better. 

2 sizes for most any pucker, SMALL is about 6 inches around at the plugs widest, LARGE is about 9 inches around at the widest.

LUBE inside and out. Any lube you like, our silicone toys are safe with all lubes 
SHOVE a finger or a couple fingers inside the plug to the tip, or find some twisted pig to assist, and work into your hole like any other butt plug
CLENCH your hole while withdrawing your fingers

Pure Platinum Cure Silicone 
Cleaning always clean stretchy toys after use, use detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in mild bleach water solution. You can even boil it, we recommend storing all toys dry wrapped in a piece of fabric or laid out separately in your toy chest.

Size: 5.5 Inches
Color: Black
Flexibility: Slight
Diameter: 1.5 Inches
Designed for: Men

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